World of Diving – New Content Update Released, New Trailer Showcases New Environment

Vertigo Games announced today a World War II themed content update for the Rift-enabled underwater exploration game World of Diving now available as an Early Access game on Steam and other portals.

The new content update lets players discover and explore the sunken remains of German battleship Bismarck, one of the two largest battleships ever built by Germany, which was commissioned into the German battle fleet in 1940. She conducted only one offensive operation, destroying the mighty British battle cruiser HMS Hood before being sunk by the British during her maiden voyage in 1941.

With the new content update comes also the ROV (remote operated vehicle) buddy that players can equip to help shed light on Bismarck’s darkness.

World of Diving is now available as an Early Access game for PC, Mac and Linux with optional Oculus Rift and Xbox controller support on Steam and various other portals.


World of Diving: Battleship Bismarck