Wonder Boy Returns – New update adds classic 1986 arcade character, enhances visuals

CFK released a new patch for Wonder Boy Returns. According to the company, this patch gives players the ability to play as the current ‘new’ Boy, but also play as the classic 1986 arcade version, ‘Retro Boy’, and even can select Tina as a playable character.

Moreover, in this update, the graphic and theme have been enhanced, and the UI has been tweaked to be more user-friendly.

Wonder Boy Returns is a remaster of the classic Wonder Boy game with new design of hero ‘Boy’, and heroine ‘Tina’, along with various monsters to fit the current trend and be more likable by new users.

Wonder Boy Returns is an action side scroller game where main character runs over obstacles, collect items, and defeat enemies in this classic style game. Player must guide main character to end quickly before his health depletes.

Wonder Boy Returns - Trailer