Witchfire new screenshots-1

Witchfire has been delayed until 2023, will now have semi open-world environments

The Astronauts announced today that their dark fantasy shooter, Witchfire, is now on track for release in early 2023. Initially slated to launch to Early Access on the Epic Games Store in Q4 of 2022, the shift in schedule is due to an upgrade to Witchfire’s combat system from arena-style to open-world fighting.

As Creative Director and Co-Founder, Adrian Chmielarz, explained:

“The feature is now 95% implemented. It makes the game better. It is kind of hard for me to imagine the player did not have that freedom before. Sure, you can still be trapped by the witch in this or that spot, and some doors will be closed until you find a key, and it might be too dangerous to enter areas closer to the boss before you are ready– but the world is wide open for you to explore in almost any order, and you can both push forward and retreat as you please.”

Witchfire is a first-person shooter set in a grimdark fantasy world. The game is using Unreal Engine 4 and will take advantage of photogrammetry.

Stay tuned for more!