Wing Commander Saga Is Now Available and is FREE for everyone

PC gamers, rejoice. As promised, the freeware Wing Commander Saga game is now available. The team has only released the PC version for now, with the Linux and Mac versions coming out pretty soon. The aforementioned version are delayed because they need to port the launcher to OSX and Linux and run some additional tests. Therefore, be a little bit patient you Linux and Mac users.
Wing Commander Saga is powered by the Freespace 2?s engine. Freespace 2 engine’s source code has been released to the public sector a couple of years ago, and Wing Commander Saga uses a modified and enhanced version of it.
The game will be friendly to mods and gamers will be able to create their own missions and campaigns.
Wing Commander Saga promises to feature a whole heap of new things and a dynamic, believable story and much more. Both the prologue and the upcoming main-release will be 100% standalone, which means that there is no CD or previous installed Freespace-version required. Oh, and it will have developed wingman characters.
Those interested can download it from here. Enjoy!
Wing Commander Saga - Darkest Dawn, Brimstone 3