WindSlayer 2 Officially Launched

Ignited Games’ 2D, side-scrolling, multi-player, online role-playing game (RPG) is live and ready for action. Fans of online fantasy free-to-play games can sign up now to play WindSlayer 2 at the game’s official site. The game puts players on a journey in Beuritania to defeat hordes of monsters using acquirable skills, magic spells and items. Building on its predecessor, WindSlayer 2 features updated gameplay and in-game systems such as the pet and mentor systems that add re-playability.
Peter Kang, CEO of Ignited Games said:
“The detailed visuals, fast-paced action and community features in  WindSlayer 2 really raise the bar for 2D side-scrolling online RPGs. Fans will find classic arcade-style gameplay with a unique art style that immerses players in the beautiful, fairytale-like world of Beuritania.”
The commercial launch will include the in-game Playground, which includes community features that connect  WindSlayer 2 fans. Players can invite friends and guild members into private rooms for in-game socializing and community building. There also are multiple room scenarios to choose from, allowing players to party with a plan.
WindSlayer 2 Commercial Launch Trailer