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Windows 10, Intel and NVIDIA dominate Steam’s June 2019 Hardware & Software Survey

Steam has revealed its June 2019 hardware and software survey and as we can see, Windows 10 dominates the OS charts. Microsoft’s latest operating system has been adopted by 71% of the survey takers, leaving behind Windows 7 with 22% and Windows 8.1 with 3%.

Naturally, Intel and NVIDIA also dominate Steam’s CPU and GPU market, respectively. According to the charts, 75.5% of the survey partakers are using an NVIDIA graphics card and 82% are using an Intel CPU.

Interestingly enough, quad-core systems are slowly – but steadily – decreasing and PC gamers are now getting CPUs with more than four CPU cores. Unfortunately, Steam does not have a specific percentage for six-core or eight-core CPUs (they are all included in the “Other” category).

Last but not least, the most popular graphics card right now is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060. What’s also interesting is that the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 is way higher in the GPU charts than the RTX2080 or the RTX2080Ti. 1920×1080 remains the primary display resolution and most systems are equipped with 8GB of RAM (38.36% are using 8GB of RAM and 33.89% are using 16GB of RAM).