Wild West Online is coming to Steam on May 10th

WWO Partners and 612 Games have announced that their Wild West-themed action MMO, Wild West Online, will come to Steam on May 10th. The Steam version will be based on the game’s version 0.8 and will allow players to build camps for their faction, will feature hundreds of character customization options, and will allow you to customize your horse.

In addition, the Steam version will feature Social Hubs, will let players customize and upgrade their weapons, will have re-designed public events, and will sport a re-designed crafting system.

Wild West Online is described as a systems-driven, open world, Wild West-themed action MMO built from the ground up for PC. The game will feature world exploration, resource gathering, PvP combat, PvE missions and much more. It will be using the Nightshade Engine and while the companies have stated that they are not associated with Sergey Titov, gamers are still a bit skeptical about it. 612 Games officially stated that it isn’t a subsidiary of Free Reign. The studio is also not financed by Free Reign or Sergey Titov.