Wild Guns Reloaded is officially coming to the PC

Natsume has announced that Wild Guns Reloaded will be coming to Steam later this year. Wild Guns Reloaded is a remastered version of the classic SNES sci-fi/western shooting gallery game, Wild Guns, featuring improved visuals, two new characters, new stages, new bosses, and support for four-player local multiplayer.

Wild Guns Reloaded was originally released exclusively on the PS4 in 2016.

This will be the first game from Natsume that will be available on Steam, so it will be interesting to see whether: a) it will be successful and b) Natsume will release more games on our platform.

Wild Guns Reloaded will be coming to Steam this Summer!

WILD GUNS Reloaded - PS4 Trailer Part 4