Wholesome Games announces upcoming Early Access of Ooblets

In a recent post on Twitter, Wholesome Games revealed a new trailer for the upcoming social simulation and role playing game, Ooblets. The trailer was also accompanied by the announcement that the game will be entering early access “pretty soon”.

Ooblets is the brainchild of the development studio Glumberland, under the leadership of Ben Wasser and Rebecca Cordingley. Upon the game’s announcement, prospective fans were impressed by its amalgamation of gameplay elements from Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing and Pokemon. The cute and colourful animated style was also praised by many early admirers.

Much like the games that make up its inspiration, Ooblets revolves around building a house, farming, character customisation and interacting with other NPC’s in the game’s world. There is also the opportunity to catch the eponymous little critters inhabiting the town, and taking them to battle against other Ooblet trainers.

Indeed, the game received immense community backlash after announcing that it would only be an Epic Store release. This announcement came during the height of Epic Games’s 2019 campaign of securing a number of third-party release exclusivity rights. Many felt that the situation was only made worse by the developers’ open letter response to the community, in which they explained their decision to move to the Epic Story. You can read more from Chris’s article here.

Ooblets is planned to release for PC and Xbox One.

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