Weekly UDK Gallery [June 30th – July 6th]

Today we bring you new screenshots from the works of 3D artists Chriagr, cmtanko, DiegoMinguez, Madwish, iflingpoo and rockstar6. The highlight of this week is the bridge map that was created by Chriagr, a map that looks better than what most people would expect from UDK. It’s funny but these artists are constantly proving that Unreal Engine can push great visuals, despite the fact that we’ve been getting lately UE3-powered games with underwhelming visuals. Enjoy!

Chriagr no1Chriagr no2Chriagr no3DiegoMinguez no1riot no1riot no2cmtanko no1cmtanko no2iflingpoo no1Madwish no1Madwish no3Madwish no2rockstar6 no1