Just Cause 2 Gets A ‘Blood Dragon’ Treatment, Looks Even More Crazy With Mods

Just Cause 2 v2
Our reader ‘Jonathan Gustafsson’ shared with us two new videos, showcasing some mods for Avalanche’s open-world title, Just Cause 2. The first video showcases most of the mods that Jonathan used. Just Cause 2’s visuals have also been tweaked, giving them a more ‘Blood Dragon’ look to them. The second video shows off some really crazy weapons that can cause havoc.¬†
Those interested in getting Just Cause 2 similar to Jonathan’s will have to download the following files. To install the mods, all you have to do is make a folder named¬†‘dropzone’ and then you just drop all mod files in it. And that’s it.
Here are the mods that Jonathan used:
Super Car Mod By:c411umh

Sea Plane By polimer

Super Parachute by buzz_kill

Black Market Mod by:ZXZ

Grapple Mod By:Pridit

HD Improved Clouds By:ineedascotch

Bright Sky And HD Clouds V5 By:Cole Kern

Superman Skin By:Establie

APC Mod By:jc2222

Space Rocket Byboy3510817

Unlimited Amoo By Gawl

Crazy Weapons Mod By mandella644

Crazy Colors By Paul Martinez/9nihn

Just Cause 2 Mods HD

Just Cause 2 Crazy Weapons Mods HD