Weekly UDK Gallery [April 14th – 20th]; Dinos & Far Cry 3 Recreated In UDK

Today we bring you new shots and videos from the works of 3D artists Shiv, SpidermkII, Odd3sy, TheRealFroman, mistermojo, michaelbas, danpaz3d, RogelioD, cmtanko, kimmokaunela. In addition, we’ve included two images showcasing some environments from Gears of War: Judgement, created by 3D artist GreatDamianS. The highlight of this week is the dino models, alongside the amazing cathedral indoor environment and the recreated – WIP – level of Far Cry 3. Enjoy!

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Lair Environment UDK 2013

(Michael Basra) UDK Environments Showreel