Watch_Dogs – TheWorse Mod Nearing Completion, New Screenshots From Latest Version

With Lunayah’s mod out of the way, the only mod left for those seeking even better visuals in Watch_Dogs is without doubt the mod that was used as a basis from Lunayah. Guru3D’s member ‘TheWorse’ is currently finalizing his mod and will release the semi-final version of it in the coming days. TheWorse has detailed the changelog for this semi-final version of his mod, and has released a number of screenshots that can be viewed below. Enjoy!

Watch_Dogs TheWorse Mod 0.99 Changelog:

-Exposure adjusted for clear day-night.
-FOG reduced and adjusted.
-Implemented new DOF values to ensure a better visibility and gameplay with the mod.
-Lighting adjusted again.
-Light color and spotlight volume color of the helicopter light changed (Mostly for testing).
-New camera values for a better view of aiden and overall.
-LOD values changed and adjusted for better performance-quality.
-Bloom enhanced.
-Many other changes and adjustments.