Watch_Dogs – Stores Are Already Selling The Game In Brazil

Man, it seems that everyone is trying their best to screw Ubisoft’s plans. After the leaked footages we’ve been getting lately for both Xbox One and PS4, here comes Brazil where stores are already selling the game. Reddit’s member ‘fyzor‘ has posted some images from the boxart and the disc of the PS3 version.

Unfortunately, we don’t know whether the Brazil stores are only selling the PS3 version or not. Fact is that a group scene will most definitely gets its hands on it and leak it, something that might have a huge impact on the game’s sales.

This also means that we’ll be flooded with new videos way before the game hits – officially – streets.

It will also be interesting to see if other versions are being sold prior to their official release date (which is May 27th mind you).

For now, enjoy the images and stay tuned for more!