Watch_Dogs – New Trailer Released, Creative Director On Resolution & Global Effects

All hell has broken loose as Ubisoft revealed that Watch_Dogs will run at 900p on PS4 and at 792p on Xbox One. Ironically, Sony advertised the game running at 1080p and 60fps earlier last week, though it was quick enough to react and remove this information from the game’s listing. Which means that the PC version will be the definitive version, though it remains to be seen whether the game will be optimized for our platform or not.

Jonathan Morin, the game’s creative director, decided to explain what has happened with the game. As Morin said, Ubisoft had to choose between global effects and the internal resolution on consoles.

Visual is a crucial aspect of any game experience no matter which angle you take Morin said and continued:

I am not denying that resolution have an impact but its about cost and impact. It is always about that.Everything is related to each other even in visual alone. Someone who knows a lot about visual can have to pick between a global FX and high resolution. And sometime the global FX on with less pixels looks better than the other way around.

Morin then said that the game’s dynamism, density and seamless online features are way more important than higher resolutions. Something obviously only applies to consoles as the PC will offer everything – provided you have the hardware to handle it.

Not that I am perfect, but for me density, dynamism through control of hacking and seamless online are core elements. They are what brings players elsewhere when they play. So when it [higher resolution] gets in the way of these then everything else loses.

Morin later on said that there are tones of things to push in games and that Watch_Dogs currently pushes both visual and interactivity.

Morin concluded that it is really complex to get a visually great game, and that the obvious combinations do not magically transform a game into something beautiful.

Every spec compete with another in the end. If you dig visual so much you should consider this: Its often not the obvious combinations that gives the best results visually. Its not that simple.  I don’t expect people to know how WD work under the hood.

Ubisoft has also released a new trailer for Watch_Dogs that can be viewed below.

Last but not least, we’ve asked Morin whether PC gamers will be able to overcome the 6GB RAM requirement that has been revealed as a minimum RAM requirement for Watch_Dogs, to which Morin has not replied yet.


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