Watch_Dogs – Mod Enables Dynamic Shadows From Cars Headlights

Well, you gotta love the modding community of a game. Guru3D’s member ‘TheWorse’ has released a new version of his mod for Watch_Dogs that introduces dynamic shadows from the headlights of all cars. This is a graphical feature that was missing even from the E3 2012 build of Watch_Dogs, and it was a feature that its absence annoyed some GTA IV fans.

Guru3D’s member ‘Dead Squallit’ has created some annimated GIFs, showcasing these new dynamic shadows.

Moreover, here is the list of what ‘TheWorse’ aims to achieve with his mod:

-A full functional, working and stable defaultrenderconfig with all settings modified so if you don’t have a very powerful pc you can run it as well
-Stuttering fixes (Lod and shadowmapsizes values among others)
-Fully working headlight shadows (Still not perfect due to ubisoft lack of optimization, headlight shadows wasn’t a feature since e3 2012 if I remember correctly)
-HeadLights Volumes and different settings for them (And the possibility to choose between)
-E3 Bloom as well as other presets included
-(MAYBE) Edited Particles settings
-(STILL FOR TESTING) Edited .lua shaders config.
-(STILL TO BE FOUND) DoF settings.
-(STILL FOR TESTING) Modifications to the Lighting (HBAO+, ReflectionsIntensity, etc)
-Higher density for civilians.
-ColourGrading changes and the possibility to use DigitalTrips settings.
-(STILL FOR TESTING) StreetSpotlights changes and maybe Lightvolumes

Those interested can download TheWorse’s mod from here. Do note that a new version of the mod is planned for release tomorrow, as a number of gamers reported some flickering issues with the game’s smoke during daylight. Here is the changelog for the latest version of the mod:

-Added several changes to the fog, now it should be more visible (Not final)
-Added another bloom preset (People said E3 Bloom was too strong)
-HeadLight’s now produce shadows (Fixed now) including all Vehicles(Train, bikes, cars, trucks)
-Added my xml settings which reduces stuttering
-Rain modifications including shadow map sizes, ammount of rain in scene, reflections quality, etc
-Cascade Shadow Maps with Bilateral blur(Higher quality than default shadows)
-LoD Value changes to improve performance
-Other several Tweaks.