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Watch_Dogs Gets New Trailer Focused On Consoles, Will Use Full Capabilities Of Both Xbox One & PS4

What is that? A story that mentions consoles on its title? What blasphemy is this? What happened to DSOG? Aside kidding, PCGamesHardware has released the proper trailer of Watch_Dogs that is based on that video that was released earlier this month (you know, the one tagged as PC trailer that drove everyone crazy and started wondering whether the PC version would be better than the console version).

Alongside the video, there is a small interview with Ubisoft’s employees in which the devs confirmed that the game will run in full HD on PS4.

What’s really interesting here, however, is the claim that Watch_Dogs will be utilizing Xbox One and PS4 to its full capabilities. Funny thing is that Watch_Dogs’ director creative, Jonathan Morin, claimed earlier this month that the game would not be maxing out these current-gen consoles.

As Morin said, Ubisoft does push quite a lot but this is the very beginning of a generation and that the company will have years of fun with these consoles.

And as Lars Bonde, cinematics animation lead, said in the latest trailer:

“We are utilizing Xbox One to its full capabilities and the same to PS4 of course. And as far as to my knowledge it’s on the PS4 we’re running full HD”

So, is Ubisoft using PS4 and Xbox One to their full capabilities or not? Will there be secret sauce that will enable some truly ‘wow’ performance boosts to these consoles in the near future? Will developers find new tricks to boost performance in the future (and if so, why are they claiming that they are now utilizing the full capabilities of these machines)? Or is this just a marketing thing (because it’s always better to say that your game takes full advantage of the ‘X’ platform)?

Last but not least, Jonathan Morin promised – once again – that we’ll be getting some PC gameplay footage prior to the game’s release.