Watch Dogs Is Built On A Brand New Engine Called ‘Disrupt’

Watch Dogs v2
When Watch Dogs was first announced, a lot of people believed that the game was based on Assassin’s Creed engine, AnvilNext. It appears though that this is not the case, as Ubisoft has developed a brand new engine for it. According to Sebastien Viard, Technical Director on Watch Dogs, Watch Dogs is built on the Disrupt engine.
As Sebastien stated:


This is definitely good news as the AnvilNext engine suffered from a lot of issues. It will be also interesting to see whether the Disrupt engine is more friendly to multi-core CPUs or not. In addition, this new engine will be supported by both current and next-generation platforms, as Watch Dogs is planned for a cross-platform release.
A few days ago, Ubisoft presented a new demo for Watch Dogs (during PS4’s reveal meeting). This demo was running on a PC and you view its walkthrough – for one more time – below!
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