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Wasteland 3 will feature multiple endings

Jeremy Kopman, lead level designer of the forthcoming isometric role-playing game Wasteland 3, has recently given an interview to PCGamesN. In the interview he confirmed that the title will feature at least ten major endings.

“We’ve done the back of the envelope maths, and we have at least ten major ending points”.

Wasteland 3 possess a considerable number of dialogue options and player choices can have a ripple effect throughout the game. Different choices will lead to completely different combat outcomes.

They’re also smaller choices that can impact permutations of the ending. These can ripple out through different characters. Choices will also affect the attitude of various factions towards the player.

“We also are tracking what different factions think of you”.

According to Kopman, InXile Entertainment wants to remind players “why they loved the post-apocalyptic RPG, that huge swath of choice and consequence”.

The studio drew inspiration from Fallout, which is well known for those early choices that could have a significant impact after many hours of playing.

“We’re drawing from the Fallout games, that’s our parentage”.

You can read the full interview here and you can check the details of the upcoming Closed Beta here.

Wasteland 3 will be released on May 19th.

Thanks PCGamesN.

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