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Warner Bros Abandons Plans For Multi-GPU Support On Batman: Arkham Knight

Man, what a clusterf’. After promising to fix and optimize the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight, Warner Bros – and Rocksteady – decided to simply abandon that particular version to its own fate. The promised re-release of Batman: Arkham Knight on Steam did not pack any performance improvements at all (compared to its Interim patch) and today Warner Bros announced that there won’t be any patch to add multi-GPU support.

Now this could be fine if: a) Warner Bros did not promise such a thing in the first place and b) if the engine was not friendly to multi-GPU configurations. However, we are talking here about a heavily enhanced version of the Unreal Engine 3; an engine that is well known for its multi-GPU capabilities. Not only that, but every other Batman title benefited from multi-GPU support.

As Warner Bros. community administrator said:

“We’ve been working with our development and graphics driver partners over the last few months to investigate utilizing multi-GPU support within Batman: Arkham Knight. The result was that even the best case estimates for performance improvements turned out to be relatively small given the high risk of creating new issues for all players. As a result we’ve had to make the difficult decision to stop work on further multi-GPU support. We are disappointed that this was not practical and apologize to those who have been waiting for this feature.”

And that is that. It’s really disappointing that the last Batman game from Rocksteady is such an un-optimized mess. Moreover, we are almost certain that Rocksteady has stopped working on this (if it ever worked at all to begin with) and that there won’t be any major performance patches for this game.

In conclusion, this is how it happened. This is how the Batman died!