Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor – Martyr receives its biggest update, adding single-player campaign

NeocoreGames has released the biggest content update for Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr to date, adding a new terrain setting, a playable class and the first chapter of the Single Player Campaign. According to the press release, the first chapter of the Single Player Campaign marks the beginning of this epic tale and also serves as a tutorial – it’s an introduction to the unique gameplay mechanics of the game and to the cruel and unforgiving world of Warhammer 40,000.

In the January Update Neocore Games also added the alpha version of the third playable character class to the game.

“The Primaris Psyker Inquisitor requires a very different gameplay style compared to the Crusader and Assassin Inquisitors. Psyker Inquisitors are incredibly powerful, but they must be careful with using their powers, because it may very well turn against them. They channel devastating otherworldly energies, but they always risk damnation doing so.”

The January Update also contains a new terrain setting, gameplay optimization features, bug fixes and much more.

Here are the key features of the January Update for Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor – Martyr:

New Features and Changes

  • Revamped Leveling
  • New map setting: Voidship
  • Implemented the first chapter of the campaign that also serves as the tutorial
  • New map clutter added: Blood Splatter, Decals, Corpses
  • Added Chatboxes above NPC heads
  • Intro video added


  • Main menu theme added alongside numerous other soundtracks
  • Tons of new sound effects added


  • Halved vendor buy prices when selling items
  • Refined AI & Patrol scripts
  • Mission select screen revamped – This change is temporary though, we will make mission starting faster in the future.
  • General chat has been regionalized
  • Cabal missions received a rebalance
  • Ally Guardsmen received a 100% HP boost and a +45 Defense bonus, while their damage was nerfed by 20%

Bug Fixes (Under Construction)

  • Fixed numerous issues causing item loss
  • Fixed an issue where players got thrown back to the bridge after successful missions
  • Fixed an issue where the spawn cutscene at the beginning of the missions got stuck
  • Attribute bar now fills up properly
  • Skill Trees now unlock properly
  • You can no longer sell items while the shop is reloading its inventory
  • Fixed a bug with the Hourglass Tarot card
  • Fixed a Fate exploit involving reselling blueprints
  • The small windows for missions are now displayed while in the Hub properly
  • Fixed issues with dual wielding 2 overheat-capable weapons
  • Added new rebel videos
  • Influence rewards are now given properly to players
  • In the stash, the tooltips can no longer freeze the game
  • Inoculator cooldown values now update properly
  • Fixed missing strings on the Glory window
    Fixed the Toughness III bonus

Chat Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where minimizing and restoring chat broke the whole window
  • Chat history no longer gets deleted
  • Chat is now updating while minimized
  • Right-click functionality no longer goes away
  • Chat no longer instantly appears on the character screen

Cabal Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Cabal Assassinations could not be completed
  • Blessed Alloys can now be contributed properly
  • Electro Fragments can now be contributed properly
  • Cabal now updates members faster and smoother
  • Freshly joined cabal members can no longer disband and modify the cabal
  • Portrait frames will now only have the “Invite to Cabal” feature if the target
  • is indeed not a member of a cabal
  • Controller no longer gets chat window stuck


  • Lots of polishing done on the panel handling
  • Fixed force feedback issues
  • Redesigned Inventory/Comparision usage
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