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Warface & Titanfall Will Get More Eye Candy Thanks To Nvidia’s GameWorks

Nvidia has announced that both Respawn’s Titanfall and Crytek’s F2P title, Warface, will get more eye candy thanks to its GameWorks; the visual tech collection that will be supported by the aforementioned titles.

According to Nvidia, Titanfall will support TXAA;  a film–style anti–aliasing technique that reduces the crawling and flickering seen in motion when playing games. In addition, Nvidia and Respawn will bring HBAO+ and SLI support, as well as support for high-definition 4k displays.

On the other hand, Crytek and Nvidia will implement PhysX effects in Warface.

As Nvidia claimed:

“One of the most compelling PhysX features in the game will be mesh debris using PhysX particles. It makes it possible for debris from the impact of weapons on concrete, grass, soil, wood, sand and the like to interact with the environment, as it would in the real world.  And unlike most games today, the debris will remain on the scene rather than disappearing after it’s spawned. “

Furthermore, Warface will support NVIDIA’s VisualFX Turbulence module; a module that module will enable complex fluid simulations and particle effects in Warface using advanced techniques like Navier-Stokes simulations.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!