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War Mongrels is a new isometric real-time tactics game, coming to PC in 2021

Destructive Creations has announced a brand new isometric real-time tactics game that will be coming to the PC in 2021, War Mongrels. In order to celebrate this announcement, the publisher has also released the game’s debut gameplay trailer that you can find below.

As the press release reads, this first extended look at gameplay places real-time tactics front-and-center as our main characters, two captured deserters of the German army, take their chance to flee once again and head away from the front.

Marcin Stanek, Business Development Manager at Destructive Creations, said:

“War Mongrels’ story goes to some very dark places, and we wanted to make sure the gameplay made players’ hearts pound just as much as the campaign will. This first extended look only hints at the surprises we have in store for you.”

Here are also the game’s key features:

  • Join forces – Online co-operative multiplayer for two players.
  • Historical lesson – Events, dates, locations, weapons, uniforms, in-game historical articles, and much more.
  • Use force! – Have you been spotted? Draw your weapon and try to shoot your way out!
  • Unique team – Each character has their own personality, background, and skills to use during the journey.
  • Take or break – Interactive environment that opens up many tactical options.
  • Replay value – Try different tactics in each mission, play alone, or with different friends.
  • Dark world – War is hell, and War Mongrels doesn’t sugar coat anything.
  • Infernal storyline – As grim as the bloody trenches where dead soldiers remain after battle.
  • Just wow! – Audio-visual quality like you’ve never seen in an RTT game before.


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War Mongrels - first gameplay video