Vindictus Enters the Realms of Gods and Dragons

Nexon Europe have announced today that Vindictus, the ultimate free to play gaming experience, is unleashing an Ancient and extremely powerful Dragon exclusively into the realms of Vindictus Europe. Many years ago, Fomorians and Humans lived together in perfect harmony. But as time went on, their strength and might grew, overpowering the weak and feeble Humans.
Since then, Heide – the land of the Gods has become sacred, allowing only a chosen few access to such a glorious place. A place where our entire destiny is decided. The fate of our world as we know it is at the hands of these gods and Demons. Venture into Heide, on a journey through time and space and face the fate of your true destiny.
According to the press release, the God of Fomors is not to be underestimated. The Ancient Dragon God Echulus is as fierce and powerful as he is enormous. Warriors will stand in awe at his size, but not for too long!
It will take a great deal of strategic planning to take down this awesome beast and warriors will be required to work together or be prepared to face a fiery defeat. Be aware of your surroundings! The environment around Heide can be used to provide shelter, extinguish flames with water and trap Echulus.
This new Raid will be available to players from level 40, as well as lower level DS Raid battles throughout this update – Blizzard (Lv.20), Ancient Spider (Lv.30).
In addition, new Level 70 Weapons and Armor will be included in this new content update. Prepare for battle with even stronger and more powerful equipment. Combine skills with other players to cooperatively craft superior weapons and armor using items found from new battles. All craft items beyond Episode 6 can be crafted in both Colhen and Rocheste.
[Vindictus Europe] Dragon Update: The God of Fomors