Velisia – A Traitor’s Legacy Announced; PC Exclusive indie RPG

Indie and RPG fans, get ready as a brand new indie development team, TC Games, comprising of graduates from the University of Salford, has been set up by Manchester-based developer SmashMouth Games and Cheshire-based publisher Merge Games. The collaborating parties formed TC Games, part owned by SmashMouth Games and Merge Games, to develop and release TC Games’ first project, Velisia: A Traitor’s Legacy.

SmashMouth Games’ Managing Director Zuby Ahmed said:
“SmashMouth Games is incredibly pleased to partner up with Merge Games to set up this bold new venture. We are very excited about TC Games and Velisia; we hope that this opportunity shows that there are definitely opportunities for graduates to show initiative and work closely with companies already established within the games industry. Our educational links with The University of Salford and Futureworks have helped us to recognise on-going student talent and we hope that this new venture is the start of things to come.”
Merge Games Managing Director, Luke Keighran added:
‘We are extremely excited about our joint venture with TC Games and SmashMouth Games. The guys at TC Games have already shown enormous talent with their first project Velisia set to release on digital formats over the next coming months. Similarly, SmashMouth Games has all the experience in mentoring TC Games on development cycles to ensure we are building a world class development studio team. ‘
TC Games’ Producer and Lead Designer Chris Wilson concluded:
“I think I speak for everyone in my team when I say that none of us really envisioned this being our path after graduating from university when we started the Velisia project a year ago. We all expected to be currently applying for jobs in the big development studios about now and instead we have the opportunity to set up our own company and take our very own game to market, it’s both exciting and a little scary.’’
Velisia: A Traitor’s Legacy, a strategy- RPG set in the peaceful world of Tarn. Tarn is plagued with the return of an ancient enemy and the noble knights of Velisia must pledge to fend off the onslaught and uphold order by any means necessary. Four recruits embark on their journey to drive back the destructive invaders by utilising their unique skills and strengths.
Sounds interesting to say the least. Velisia: A Traitor’s Legacy will be released exclusively on the PC, although the company didn’t set any specific date.
Stay tuned for more and enjoy its teaser trailer!
Velisia: A Traitor's Legacy Teaser Trailer