Dragonica Continues to Expand; New Origin Comes On September

Gala Networks Europe announced that New Origin, the next expansion for Dragonica, will launch in September. New Origin promises to be the biggest content update ever in the history of the action MMORPG , and will include an incredible range of new features such as brand new mountable pets and a completely new playable race.
New Origin will see the introduction of a new race for Dragonica players – the first to be added since the game’s official launch. This new race will arrive with an entirely new player class, which possesses skills specialising in summoning and other magical attributes, differing significantly from classes currently available. This new, unique class can summon monsters in order to help them during battles or fire at the player’s opponents from the ground or the air, and will only be available to players at level 20. Another class for the new race is due to be announced soon.
Furthermore, mountable pets will be obtainable with the launch of New Origin. This brand new system will allow players to use their pets as mounts and deploy them in battles. Both familiar looking pets and new ones will be available, with something to suit every type of hero. The previously anticipated Production System has been delayed and will not be updated with this expansion due to unanticipated balancing issues.