Rumour: Valve’s next game and Elden Ring to be shown at The Video Games Award 2019 [UPDATE: False]

It appears that an official link for The Video Game Awards 2019 may have spilled some of the upcoming surprises. According to a link (which is now no longer available), Valve’s next game and Elden Ring will be shown at this upcoming gaming event.

The full title of this article is “World Premieres: Bayonetta 3, Valve’s Next Game, and From Software“. Since we’re talking about World Premieres, we can safely assume that this title is for their new trailers. Moreover, Google’s meta description reads:

“Mega surprise announcements from some of the world’s best game developers including Platinum Games, Campo Santo, and From Software.”

In case you weren’t aware of, Valve has already acquired Campo Santo. However, this reference may be for In the Valley of Gods and not for a brand new title. Technically speaking, however, this is a new game from Valve.

The Video Game Awards 2019 show will air on December 13th, so stay tuned for more!


Upon further investigation, it appears that this VGA article was for the 2017 event. In 2017, FromSoftware teased Sekiro, Campo Santo revealed In the Valley of Gods and Bayonetta 3 was shown. As such, and while we are almost certain that Elden Ring will make an appearance at this year’s show, we’re marking this as a false rumour.