Valve is announcing something with a three in it soon

After those 2011 hints about HL3 and the rumored announcement of it in this year’s E3, here is something new that might put a smile in your face. Although this is not a confirmation of the much anticipated announcement of HL3, Gabe Newell responded to a fan and said that Valve will be announcing something with a three in it really soon.
Now before start jumping around in extacy, be warned that Gabe didn’t say anything about a franchise. Here are Gabe’s exact words:
“Yes, we are announcing something with a three in it.”
This can be translated as an expansion for their existing games hitting stores in 2013 or 3 new hats for TF2. Could this be a Left 4 Dead 3 announcement? Or how about TF3? Or an update to the Source engine coming in 2013? Lot of speculation, we know. However, it’s now official that Valve is preparing something with a three in it, and we are interested to see what this is all about.
Just hold your horses for the time being and stay tuned for more. We should also note that this is an old mail that passed under our radar back in December. Kudos to Reddit’s user ‘sandmankim’ for spotting it!