Capcom: UMvC 3 and Asura’s Wrath not coming to PC, would love to support mods more actively

After the announcement of a PC version for both Street Fighter x Tekken and SSF4: AE, a lot of PC gamers were hoping that a version of UMvC 3 would eventually hit their beloved platform. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen anytime soon, as Capcom’s Sven revealed that this fighting game will remain a console exclusive title. According to Sven, there is multiple reasons to this and he can’t speak publically about them. So, no UMvC 3 for you PC fans.
Some wondered whether the reason behind it was the modding support that most Capcom fighting games enjoy these days. Would Marvel disallow such a project due to the fact that some people would create a nude Storm model? Sven didn’t clarify, however stated that he loves the modding community and he’d love to see Capcom do more actively to enable mods on their games.
However, Sven said that there are some issues with this whole modding-thing. Naturally, the most major issues are the developers’ vision and the legal actions to the custom-made models.
As Sven said:
“Modding opens up the community to infringe upon others’ IP (say, a skin for Ryu made to look like Goku from DragonballZ). If we’re enabling that ability, we also need to be able to police it and remove those infringing pieces from the community as we could have the liability in those cases.”
On the other hand, there’s the emotional connection some of the producers have to their games. Rationally or not, some don’t want people changing the experience or the characters they’ve labored for 2+ years over. Yeah, this is silly but as Sven suggests, this is something that came up in a few of his conversations with Capcom’s Japanese developers.
In other news, PC fans have been asking Capcom to port Asura’s Wrath and Dragon’s Dogma. Although there is a possibility for Dragon’s Dogma hitting the PC, Asura’s Wrath will not be coming to it. Capcom has discussed it a while ago internally but a PC SKU just isn’t going to happen on this game. Sad but true, we know.
Let’s hope that there will be at least a PC version of Dragon’s Dogma. Stay tuned for more!