Upcoming Mythos Update to Include Fast-Paced New Feature

Frogster has just announced that a new update for their free-to-play MMO game, Mythos, will be launched in the coming days. This content update will feature a new level cap, additional PvP content, and the ‘Dungeon Master’ feature: a system in which record-setters are rewarded with useful in-game packages – and the honour of being called Dungeon Master.
As the press release reads, those who execute clever skill combos to eradicate monsters, use the dungeon layout to their advantage, and don’t stop slashing until they’re the last one standing in record time will be rewarded handsomely.
Moreover, the new feature will give players the option to have their dungeon play timed: The clock starts as soon as the candidate sets foot in the dungeon and only comes to a stop when almost all enemies have been banished from within! Upon establishing a new record or beating an old one, the Dungeon Master will be rewarded with a bundle including in-game currency and rare items.
However, it’s not easy to stay at the top – records are soon broken, and it’s a constant struggle to maintain honour. Naturally, to keep things fair, only characters who meet the level requirement for the particular instance may become Dungeon Master. There are records to be set in all but some special high-level dungeons.
No specific release date has been set for this update, so stay tuned for more!