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UT2014 Will Be “New But Familiar”, Aims To Blend Together Best Elements From All Previous Games

During a length interview with RPS, Unreal Tournament 2014 project lead Steve Polge revealed that the remake of Unreal Tournament is not built on any of the previous games. Instead, Epic Games aims to create something new by bringing together the best elements of each UT title. And as you may have thought, the community itself will decide those gameplay elements that must be featured in it.

As Steve Polge when asked about the game on which UT2014 will be based on:

“We don’t really have a specific UT that we’re building on. We’re really trying to understand and talk about what it was that everyone liked and didn’t like from the various UTs, and figuring out how to bring the game forward and bring together the best elements of each ones.”

Polge revealed that Epic Games tried to merge the gameplay mechanics of its older titles in UTIII, which obviously resulted in a disaster (at least in our opinion).

“There’s very passionate fans from each one, and I would say UT III was our first attempt at sort of merging gameplay mechanics between UT ’99 and UT 2K3 and 4, and in some ways I think we did some things right, but there’s some things that we know we could definitely have improved on.”

Polge concluded that with the community’s help, Epic Games will create something new and familiar at the same time.

“Our fans have a lot of new ideas about balance between those two game types. We do too. Again, it’s a challenge when you have people who are passionate about each one, but we think we can come up with something that is… we don’t expect that what we end up with will be any one of those games, it will be something new, but that feels both new and really familiar and appealing to most of our fans.”

Unreal Tournament will be powered by Unreal Engine 4 and will be completely free!