Unreal Engine 3-powered survival horror ‘Routine’ gets an alpha gameplay trailer

Lunar Software has released a gameplay trailer for Routine; a first person horror exploration game which has a heavy emphasis on hiding, survival and Perma death. The video features a few key components of the game and generally shows what you’ll be doing in Routine: travelling and exploring areas, accessing Public Computers and your Personal Data Assistance, as well as running, hiding and defending yourself from any sort of threats that may pose themselves to you.
Routine’s Moon base will be a non linear experience that lets you explore any part of the base, including hidden areas that other players may not find, a number of randomized environmental hazards, AI locations and floppy disks to update the software for your Cosmonaut Assistance Tool.
Lunar software is an independent development team of 3 with sound and music from Mick Gordon. Routine is their first title that uses Unreal Engine 3, planned for a – possible – 2013 release on PC and MAC.
■■ ARCHIVE ■■ Routine - Alpha Gameplay Trailer