Unofficial modding tools released for Shenmue 1 & 2 HD Remaster

In the past few weeks we’ve seen some texture packs for the remastered versions of Shenmue 1 and Shenmue 2. However, things may get a lot more interesting as modders ‘DerPlayer’ and ‘PhilYeahz’ have released some unofficial modding tools for this HD remaster.

According to its description, this tool allows players to unpack, edit, and export of Shenmue HD files. As such, we may see some more and unique mods and not only texture packs that rely on Kaldaien’s Special K mod.

As the modders stated, it is also possible to edit tac/tad containers and export those just with the modified files, meaning that modders won’t have to unpack and repack 1GB big files.¬†That export works also as an primitive modloader (overlays the original files, but without modifying those). It also doesn’t need any kind of modification on original files, and is version-proof (game updates will not break the mods).

Sounds awesome, right? Well, it remains to be seen now whether there are any talented modders for Shenmue out there and when – and if – we see the first proper mods for this HD remaster.

Those interested can download the unofficial modding tools from here, and here is how you can install and use them.

  1. Go to TAD/TAC Options and press “Create project (from¬†.tad/.tac)”
  2. Select a tad/tac file that you want to open
  3. It will take 1-2 min to extract it as an subfolder that is created next to the selected tad/tac
  4. After it is extracted, you’re freely to edit directory
  5. When you’re finnished export it as a mod (TAD/TAC Options -> Export as mod container)
  6. Save it where you want (in “dx11/mods” folder when you want to test it out)
  7. This will also take 1-2 minutes
  8. Launch the game, when everything is fine it should start with the new files

How to install mods?
* Just copy the mod that you have into the “…/archive/dx11/mods/” folder (create the folder, when not there) from Shenmue.