Umbra – New Details about this promising indie action hack n slash RPG

Yesterday we brought you the first teaser trailer of Umbra, an upcoming indie action hack n slash RPG that is currently in development by Umbra Software. And today, we bring you some more details about it. First and foremost, Umbra is based on Crytek’s state-of-the-art CryENGINE 3 technology and is set in a horror fantasy world.
The game will support both solo and multiplayer modes, will feature a free character development with no class limitation – meaning you can create whatever type of character you want to – and mature story and quests.
Additionally, in Umbra players will be able to create their own weapons, armors and spells, as well as bound powerfull spirits to their weapons and make them evolve. The game also promises to feature oppressing environment and ambiance, thus giving players the ability to fight in mutliple locations, from dark swamp to frozen moutains.
Last but not least, Umbra will sport real time Time of Day and weather effects that will affect its – survival – gameplay.
The company is currently looking for a publisher, so here is hoping that they’ll find one and that Umbra will see the light of day!