UDK-powered Ocean City Racing Is Now Available, Launch Trailer Released

Ocean City Racing
Okay, we really need to post this. Yes, Ocean City Racing is not a great looking game. However, Onur Uca – Ocean City Racing’s creator – has been constantly informing us about it and has never complained for not featuring this title on our site, something we really value here at DSOG. Therefore, we really feel the need to expose this game to a wider audience.
Ocean City Racing is an open world indie driving game for PC and MAC. The game is priced at only $4.99 and can be purchased via its official website. Of course some will say that it looks really dated. To be honest, Ocean City Racing looks bad. Keep in mind though that it was developed by an indie team of three people, so we can at least give Onur and his team a break and congratulate them for developing it.
So well done guys and kudos for offering it at a really low price, though the game definitely needs a little more polish.
Enjoy the trailer!
OCEAN CITY RACING Launch Trailer ($2.99 Open World Driving Game on STEAM)