Ubisoft’s The Division May Come To The PC In The Future

The Division
Ubisoft’s The Division was a game that made us drool all over our monitors. The game was packed with some amazing visuals (and physics effects), and we were a disappointed when the French company announced that it was only coming on next-gen consoles. However, the company did not rule out any additional platform, hinting at a possible PC version.
As Ubisoft revealed via the game’s Twitter account when a fan asked about a possible PC version:
“We are optimizing the experience for next gen consoles. However, we are not ruling out any platforms for the future.”
In other words, The Division may come to the PC after 5-6 months from the release of its console counterpart.
Enjoy its E3 gameplay reveal below!
Tom Clancy's The Division - E3 Gameplay reveal [DE]