Watch Dogs’ Tech Director – PC Specs Not Official, To Be Revealed Soon, Lower Than Previous

Watch Dogs v2

Good news for all PC gamers as Watch Dogs’ Tech Director, Sebastien Viard, has confirmed that the previously mentioned system specs for Ubisoft’s title are not official, and that the company will unveil the proper specs for its sandbox title really soon. Not only that, but according to Sebastien, the real specs will be lower than those who reported yesterday. Hooray.

As Sebastien said when a fan asked him about the PC specs for Watch Dogs:

“Hello. These are not the official specs. The real specs will be out soon and will be lower than those :)”

So there you have it everyone, time to relax a bit. Still, we are really curious to see whether the game supports 64-bit OSs and whether it will take full advantage of quad-cores (or CPUs with more than four cores).

Stay tuned for more!