Ubisoft’s official Avatar game has not been cancelled, is still under development

It’s been two years since the announcement of a new Avatar game. Since then, we haven’t heard anything about it. Obviously, this led to some fans believing that the game has been cancelled. However, the official Twitter account for Avatar confirmed a few days ago that the game is still under development.

In case you weren’t aware of, Massive Entertainment, creators of The Division series, is currently developing this new Avatar game. Massive will work together with Lightstorm Entertainment and FoxNext Games in order to develop a new cutting-edge game.

The Avatar Project will be set on the beautiful and dangerous moon from the prominent Avatar film franchise. The game will be using the Snowdrop Engine to deliver the wonders of Pandora to everyone.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any additional details about this project. My guess is that Ubisoft will release this new Avatar game for next-gen platforms. Since we haven’t heard anything about it yet, we can also assume that it will not come out on current-gen consoles. Therefore, we are basically looking at a 2021/2022 release.

Stay tuned for more!