Ubisoft is offering now refunds through Steam for From Dust

Couple of days ago, Valve offered some refunds for those that were unhappy with Ubisoft’s downloadable game, From Dust. Those refunds however were only for those who pre-ordered their game and were accepted prior to the game’s release. So the game got out and some PC gamers were unhappy. If you are one of them and want a refund, rejoice as Ubisoft is now offering refunds via Steam.
According to a message we got from Steam’s support team, Ubisoft informed them that they will release a patch in two weeks that will remove the game’s online authentication. However, if gamers don’t want to wait for the patch or if they haven’t played the game yet, Steam will refund them per Ubisoft’s request.
The PC version of From Dust is a mess but thankfully its bugs and issues will be ironed as the time goes by. Well, at least the major ones. Nevertheless, if you want a refund, here is your chance. Just create a ticket and ask Steam for it. This time, your request will be accepted!