Two and Half Hours of Alpha 3.0 Star Citizen

At this years Gamescom we saw Cloud Imperium take the stage to show off their highly anticipated Star Citizen. For those who missed the live stream or are interested in watching A LOT of gameplay from the upcoming Alpha 3.0 a video can be found below.

Star Citizen: Gamescom Presentation 2017

Skipping to about 9 minutes in will arrive at the stage when the character is waking up and is about to go on a mission. Cloud Imperium Games has also said in an email:

“We’d like to thank our backers for their support, and our devs and QA testers for all their hard work on the presentation.”

“Events like Gamescom are a great way for devs and backers to come together to discuss and celebrate Star Citizen. The excitement and enthusiasm is not only inspiring, but also a welcome reminder of why we’re all working so hard to deliver the best damn space sim ever.”

Alpha 3.0 for Star Citizen was scheduled for release in August but due to some stability issues found within the game it has been delayed to early September. So if you are are a Star Citizen fan this is the perfect video for you as only next month you will be experiencing everything seen in the above video!

Source: Gamespot