X-Morph: Defense will be powered by Schmetterling Engine, key tech features revealed

Exor Studios has detailed the key features of the Schmetterling Engine that is powering X-Morph: Defense its upcoming twin-stick shooter, tower defense hybrid. In order to showcase these features, Exor Studios has also released a trailer highlighting these key features of the Schmetterling Engine that can be viewed below.

According to the press release, the Schmetterling Engine was built with the intention of enabling game designers to create fully destructible environments. The dynamic destruction system in X-Morph: Defense allows players to precisely choose how they want to collapse buildings. The falling direction depends on how a building was cut down and is calculated in real-time based on the building’s physical properties. It is possible to cut a building in half or to just collapse a part of it. This technology allowed the team to introduce collapsible buildings as a gameplay mechanic. Players can strategically block passages within a level to make it tougher for enemies to reach the X-Morph core.

The Schmetterling engine includes advanced tree simulation technology. Each explosion can bend surrounding trees depending on the force of the shockwave. Some aircraft and large, fast-moving projectiles also create wind fields that can bend trees. Forest fires may also appear during the heat of the battle as some explosions can ignite trees and the fire can jump from one tree to another in a short time.

X-Morph: Defense will also feature advanced physics effects. The Schmetterling engine promises to allow the dev team to efficiently simulate physical shockwave effects from all explosions. Every piece of debris can be pushed back and bounce off the surrounding environment. Moreover, the game will feature some some unique special effects like the Gravitational Singularity which can rip apart most enemy units. The Gravitational Singularity creates a whirling vortex of broken enemy parts high above the ground and any bullet, missile or debris that flies into its radius is affected by its strong gravitational pull

X-Morph: Defense is currently planned for an August 30th release.


X-Morph: Defense - Schmetterling Engine Technology Showcase