True Player Gear Announces New VR Device, Featuring 1080p OLED Screens & 90 Degrees FOV

Were you disappointed by Facebook’s recent acquisition of Oculus VR? Well, get ready to be excited as another VR player enters the arena. True Player Gear has just announced its VR device that will be supported by Unreal Engine, Unity, Havok and CryEngine, and will be compatible with both PC and consoles (both current-gen and next-gen).

True Player Gear’s VR device will pack 1080p OLED screens with 90 degrees FOV, will emulate USB mouse as well as Playstation and Xbox controller schemes.

This new VR device will also feature 2x cameras 1080p, 3 axis 1kHz gyro, 3 axis 4kHz accel and 3 axis magnetometer.

There is no price yet and there is no ETA, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted!