Tropico 5 – Update 1.03 Now Live

Kalypso Media has just released a new update for its construction and management simulation title, Tropico 5. According to the release notes, this update adds 3 new maps for sandbox mode and a total of 6 extra costumes for your dynasty members. In addition, this update brings fixes to multiplayer, trade routes and performance improvements.

Here is the complete changelog for Tropico 5’s latest update:

-Added 3 new maps: Isla de Tucan, Dos Rios, Santa Teresa
-Added 6 new dynasty member costumes: Angel (female), Devil (female),
-Steampunk (female), Uncle Pedro (male), Napoleon (male), Steampunk (male)
-Multiplayer: Game checks for modified user files before launch
-Fixed issue with trade route contracts expiring
-Fixed issue with performance of service buildings
-Fixed issue with rebuild construction feature not working properly
-Fixed indestructible trees left in the vicinity of a destroyed logging camp


Tropico 5 - Release Trailer