Trials Fusion – Online Multiplayer Comes As A Free Update, Fire in Deep DLC Releases Next Week

Ubisoft has announced that Online Multiplayer is now available as a free update in Trials Fusion. Players can now face off in three new four to eight player multiplayer modes. Additionally, the fourth and largest downloadable content pack to date, Fire in Deep, will be available next week on January 27th.

In Online Multiplayer up to eight players can face-off on PC, and up to four players can go head to head. This update comes with three new game modes that can be found in the new multiplayer lobby:

· Online X-Supercross mode: up to eight players compete on three random tracks, with one winner selected based on the highest score.
· Private Game mode: up to eight players pick which track they want to race on and can customise the race’s parameters with options including track gravity, bike’s speed and bike control.
· Private Game with Spectator: Players looking to watch online multiplayer can select the track and parameters for the race and invite eight other players to ride so they can watch the race. These matches can also be broadcasted using streaming platforms.

Online Multiplayer will also include a global leaderboard for Online X-Supercross times and record holders.

Next week Fire in the Deep, the fourth and biggest downloadable content pack yet, will be available. It will bring players 11 new tracks, five new achievements and trophies to unlock, 27 new track challenges and dozens of new editor objects. Season Pass holders will receive immediate access to Fire in the Deep when it is available on January 27 and riders without the Season Pass will be able purchase it for £3.99.


Trials Fusion Online Multiplayer Trailer [US]