Transverse – Crowd-Funding Campaign At Only 1% After An Entire Week, 22 Days To Reach Its New Goal

Man, things are definitely not looking good for Piranha Games. Last week, we informed you about the non-existent support from Piranha Games’ community about this new space combat game. Like many, we thought that things could get better for them after a week. However that’s not the case as the game’s campaign is still at 0% of its initial goal ($1 million) and at 1% of its new goal ($500K).

As the description of Transverse’s updated crowd-funding campign reads:

“Hitting this $500,000 goal lets us know that you, the community, want to see this game made just as much as we do. The $500,000 goal gets us to an alpha state on ship construction, flight, combat, and harvesting. While release of the final, fully developed feature for each module is dependent on future funding, this is our first major step towards making this trans-human spacesim a reality. Backers who are a part of hitting this goal will get full access to the alpha builds.

If this goal is not met within the time remaining below (days to reach goal), all backers will be refunded 100%”

Initially, Piranha Games was targeting for $1 million but from the looks of it, this campaign won’t meet even its new, updated goal. At this point, it’s pretty obvious that the community does not want to support Piranha Games’ latest title.

Whether the team will manage to turn the tides and earn its fans’ trust back remains to be seen.

Transverse - Extended Reveal Trailer