Transverse – One Day Later & Its Funding Campaign Is At 0%, Developers Disable Comments On YouTube

Man, things are definitely not looking good for Piranha Games. Yesterday, the company revealed its latest title; a sci-fi flight-based MMORPG that looks way too similar to Star Citizen. And as it was to be expected, the fanbase backlash was huge. In fact, it was so huge that the launch of Transverse’s crowd-funding campaign is now considered a complete failure.

Piranha Games has managed to raise 6,260$ which equals to 0$ of Transverse’s first goal (which is 1$ million). Currently there are only 71 backers, and it’s pretty unclear whether this new title will meets its initial goal.

Not only that, but Piranha Games went ahead and disabled all comments on the game’s YouTube channel. The first initial trailer comes with almost a six-to-one ratio of downvotes to upvotes, while an extended trailer that was released afterwards comes with a 20-to-one ratio of downvotes to upvotes.

Moreover, Piranha Games’ employees were shadow-banned from Reddit as Reddit deemed that the channel was breaking their guidelines.

All in all, it’s pretty obvious that the announcement of Piranha Games’ new IP may be catastrophic to the company. It remains to be seen whether Piranha Games will find the strength to turn the tides and win back fans’ trust.

Transverse - Extended Reveal Trailer