Total War: Shogun 2 – Realistic DarthMod 3.6 is now available

Great news for all Shogun 2 fans as modder ‘Dantis’ has released a new version for his realistic mod for Total War: Shogun 2, DarthMod. DarthMod is a mod that features realistic movements, more realistic ballistics, more chaotic and realistic melee mechanics and improved BAI and CAI and its main scope is to destroy the “weak” arcade factors and replace them with realistic features.
With the DarthMod the speed, accelerations and physics of Shogun 2’s units are taken to realistic levels, various changes to morale and battle mechanics have been made, projectiles are not homing to the targets, all the insane cheats for the CAI have been removed, diplomacy and campaign AI have been improved and clans have now more diversity for their special units.
Those interested can download it from here.
Here is the changelog from the 3.6 version of DarthMod:
Special New in v3.6 Full Patch
This version is dedicated to daniu, DaFranker who helped enormously to upgrade the PFM Mod tool.
Almost everything from the previous DarthMod: Shogun v3.4 is now imported. The combat realism, the BAI, the CAI, should all be there as you wanted them to be. The special traits and characters upgrades are temporarily removed for the time being because they caused CTD in Campaigns, especially in Sengoku Campaigns (for example the +3 Character points). Additionally one important file that gave special character to Oda and other clans to be more efficient is disabled. When the mod tools allow the editing of these newly updated files, I will insert again.
-Several other fixes that correct issues of the previous compatibility patches, for example the Super Lighting cannon smoke effect when HDR was on.
-Some very strange official vanilla bugs fixed: The Parrot gun smoke is now visible, the Tosa have the correct reload rifle animation and not the muzzle musket, sounds for Sengoku matchlocks and Heavy gunners fixed. One bug that I could not fix was the broken Fatigue system which, in Vanilla as well, does not consider properly the fatigue related to projectiles, therefore missile units tend to tire much less and are fresh if they do not move. (Hoping for an official Fix).
-Many new things were added to Sengoku and RotS gameplay to finetune (unit costs, musket balance, unit behaviour etc. which you will notice especially in battles.)
Now the more special improvements:
-New Darth AI Formation System included by default which is specially designed for FotS battles as it uses better the Line Infantry units and does not “blob” as in vanilla. The new formation system improves the BAI overall and utilizes better attack/defend offsets, no gaps between units, new formation types and swaps efficiently according to circumstances, for example when the AI has a traditional style army it will use the classic Sengoku formations and not the modern Darth line formations. Additionally some bugs have been traced which possibly resulted in the known Passive AI siege bug and reinforcement AI passivity, but more tests are needed to be sure.
-The Darth Effects which are enabled by default are by far, THE BEST AND MORE REALISTIC EVER. NO MORE WORDS HERE. YOU MUST SEE WITH YOUR OWN EYES! All the smoke and cimematic atmosphere you get with these effects are provided with no additional FPS loss = Magic.
-New Projectile Trails that replace those ugly white vanilla lasers with more subtle and gentle ones. Even if you never liked trails in Total War games, these, quite strangely, add to the atmosphere and should be tried out.
And finally FotS improvements to the Maximum as well! The most notable from the hundreds are:
Realistic Ballistics and Animations provide you a real feel of the gun warfare of the era. The units do not aim, load robotically and have applied 100% accuracy as in vanilla (my god) and have increased effective range according to weapon type. Each weapon type is very much unique and makes each unit having it special as well. For example you will really feel the might of modern breech loaders compared to old muzzle loaded muskets. The basic range increases are: Old muskets range=150 Bows range=150 Muzzle loaded Rifles=180 (increased to 250 with suppressive fire) Breech rifles=190 (increased to 250 with suppressive fire) Sharpshooter rifles (Muzzle or Breech)=250
-Accordingly the Naval Battles are optimised with multiple ways as common logic required. No longer the ships will turn so quickly or shoot with 100 accuracy. Tactics matter more and you will feel the many changes right away once you play your first battle. -Massive Balance re-work for Land and Naval units. The changes are too many to type and you will notice them while playing and comparing units alike. In general, the traditional troops have the necessary armour and melee superiority against the modern infantry which should prevail with proper gun tactics. Other balance changes include historic adjustments, for example L’Ocean better stats than the Roanoke Class ship, and some fixes, for example Copper plated ships have now some armour (in vanilla they had not in the stats).
-The BAI and CAI in FotS is greatly improved overall following the correct recipe of DarthMod: Shogun II.