Total War: Rome II – Open Beta Mod Tools Now Available

Great news you strategy fans as Creative Assembly has released some mod tools for Total War: Rome II. Now before jumping around like little bunnies in the hopes of someone else fixing Creative Assembly’s mess, know that these mod tools are not final. It’s a bit strange witnessing an open beta release for the mod tools of a game, but… well… anything can happen these days.

Here is what TotalWar wiki had to say about the release:

“Following the successful launch of the Steam Workshop for ROME II, we are pleased to release version one of the Assembly Kit for ROME II. The Assembly Kit is currently in Beta, and its feature-set will expand over time.”

Creative Assembly will be adding documentation and guides over the coming weeks. Or at least what’s the team has stated.

These mod tools can be accessed through your Steam library’s Tools section, so go ahead and give them a go.

Kudos to PCGamer for spotting them!