Top Gun Hard Lock details unveiled; coming in Spring 2012

505 Games announced today that forthcoming aerial action game, Top Gun Hard Lock, will feature a wealth of gameplay modes and features never before seen in a Top Gun-licensed title. Alongside the announcement, 505 Games released some brand new screenshots that can be viewed bellow. Top Gun Hard Lock features aerial dog-fighting at jet speed, with the flair of a modern day action movie blockbuster! Tail-gaiting MiGs at Mach 2, this mass market action game thrusts you right into the danger zone.
The titular Hard Lock mode allows players to engage the enemy during dogfights, enabling them to lock on to targets and not only unleash their powerful arsenal of weapons, but also perform dazzling aerial combat manoeuvres such as barrel rolls, Immelmans, loop-the-loops and hard banks. These manoeuvres offer an explosively satisfying visual payoff that keeps players right at the heart of the action.
The single-player story campaign offers 15 challenging missions set across diverse backdrops. Set in the Top Gun universe but brought up to date with a modern day setting, the story makes as many twists and turns as the jets themselves, as a new wave of elite Naval aviators – fresh out of the Top Gun Academy – protect the skies. In addition to the lengthy single-player campaign, Top Gun Hard Lock also features Danger Zone mode. This mode pits a single player against wave after wave of enemy forces, including ground targets, bombers, fighters, enemy aces and more. Exceptional flying is rewarded with medals, trophies, achievements and unlockable content.
Fans of multiplayer are well catered for too, with three distinct modes for up to 16 players. Deathmatch mode offers a thrilling free-for-all battle, enabling competitors to select any aircraft and weapon load-out from those unlocked in the main campaign. Team Deathmatch splits players into opposing forces for team-based play, with whichever team scoring the most points within the time limit taking the glory. Fans of co-op play can enjoy three separate missions; Carrier Strike, Base Defence and Aircraft Escort, in which up to four players defend their charge against waves of enemy AI units attacking from different directions. Players must work together to defend against enemy attack at all costs.
Tying all of these modes and features together is an intuitive and unique control scheme that allows players to pull off spectacular combat manoeuvres with the deftness and swagger of a true Top Gun ace. Coupled with numerous customisation options – including a variety of decals and paint schemes – Top Gun Hard Lock offers one of the most accessible and exciting aerial arcade action games this generation. Enhancing the experience further are a selection of officially licensed aircraft including iconic jets such as the F14D Super Tomcat, F22 Raptor and F/A-18F Super Hornet.
Developed in the UK by Headstrong Games, a division of Kuju Entertainment, and under license from Paramount Digital Entertainment, Top Gun Hard Lock will be released in Spring 2012, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC DVD and download. The game is rated PEGI 12+ in Europe and E10+ by the ESRB in the US.

Top Gun: Hard Lock