Tomb Raider’s Multiplayer Is A Complete Rip-off From Uncharted, New Multiplayer Video Released

Tomb Raider v2
A new multiplayer video (courtesy of VG247) for Tomb Raider surfaced today, and we have to say that we were a bit disappointed with what we saw as it is pretty clear that this mode is a complete rip-off from the MP mode of Naughty Dogs’ PS3 exclusive title, Uncharted 2 (and 3). Not only that, but the animations that were showcased were awful – to say the least. This is really surprising, considering that EIDOS Montreal is developing the MP mode of Tomb Raider. Don’t believe us? Hit the jump button and see it for yourselves. Tomb Raider is planned for a March 5th release on PC, X360 and PS3!
Tomb Raider - Mutiplayer reveal, All new gameplay: Rescue mode, Chasm map and Lara Croft.